Paul Vonk

Exhibition of Drawings
In ink on parchment


By Paul Vonk
During the (‘Ten days of Arts’)
Kunsttiendaagse Bergen NH

Jacob Nathan De Leeuwe, Talmudist and translator of the ancient Aramaic text of the Talmud,
is preparing a new Hagada in Hebrew, with English translation.
Recently he asked me to illustrate this new Hagada for Pesach.
To accomplish this honorable task I have already made sketches and drawings to the Ghoemasch text Sjemot (exodus), specific for the Pesach story-Hagada.
Also Mishnah and Talmudic commentaries on the Pesach theme are being explored in order to make the appropriate drawings considering this new Hagada.

Both the new book and the drawings are in their developing process; a discussion about the Halakhic
legitimacy of these new drawings, wether or not fitting in this new Hagada, will take place in a later stage.

Some objects in Egyptian style are a décor for this small expo.

I immediately grabbed the opportunity to have this, semi open air, expo in the beautiful
monumental Solarium of ‘Jong Nederland’ in the dunes of Bergen aan Zee.

Drawings and objects on photos on this Linked-in site are part of the expo, and property of the artist.

Paul Vonk
Amsterdam, 23 Tisjri 5776 / 06102015


All be invited
Daily from
Friday 16th till Sunday 25th of October
11.00 AM – 5.00 PM

The expo will be in the Solarium; follow the signs for 7/s starting at the street.
Verspyckweg 7/s
1865 BJ Bergen aan Zee